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stick to your poetry
cause out here the truth will bring you shaking to your knees
(mostly) friends only, yeah
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Buongiornio, homeboys, I am currently typing from - gasp - my parent's (?!) house. I moved in yesterday. I would take photos but our house is still depressing and empty and I don't want to yet. But I will... in time.

My back is in agony right now after carrying a box full of books and dvds up the stairs yesterday. oi.
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I've eaten a small bowl of oatmeal, half a little muffin and maybe three cookies in the last 24 hours. my stomach is starting to cramp a little, but i'm not really hungry and i don't feel like pushing food down the enormous lump that has taken residence in my throat. jeeze.
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Every once in a while I feel totally fed up with my current journal situation, so here we are. It's almost 2009 and it's always nice to start fresh! I know only a few people really read my journal but maaad appreciation for all the words of wisdom/support/what have you over the years.

So here's to a few more years of my petty rage.
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